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DJ - Tabletop Music Player by SavySoda NOW ...
iPhone music app
Ringtone DJ for iOS7
Get ready for Valentine's Day. Surprise your ...
iPhone music app
'DJ' is a cool music mixing tool for your pho...
iPhone music app
Micro DJ Free - Party music audio effects and mp3 songs editing
The #1 DJ app 2 years straight! "An Amazing ...
iPhone and iPad music app
DJ Mixer 3
The original and most popular music mixing Ap...
iPhone and iPad music app
Remix DJ : AudioBox Lite
Plug your iPhone/ipod touch directly into you...
iPhone music app
Tap DJ - Mix and Scratch your Music
Tap DJ is the ultimate pocket DJ app for iPho...
iPhone music app
meta DJ for iPhone - DJ. Mix. Beats.
Already a 5 star app on iPad, meta.DJ comes t...
iPhone music app
Touch DJ™ Evolution - Visual Mixing, Key Lock, AutoSync
iPhone and iPad music app
My DJ - Crossfade for iPhone
My DJ is the BEST way to listen to music on t...
iPhone music app
Indicates an app designed for both iphone and ipad

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Best DJ Apps: Important Pointers You Should Know

Many guys out there are looking for the best DJ apps for certain reasons. Working as a disc jockey, one can make use of high-tech devices such as an iPad. With this iPad a DJ can have the most portable workstation any DJ can’t ever have with other types of innovations out there. As a matter of fact, these iPads are now being used with the MIDI support. They now come with a great deal of access to some of the most powerful apps available for iPads today. And if you are currently working as a disc jockey and you’re presently in search for a perfect kind of DJ app for your device then the following guidelines will help you find the one that would give you great benefits and advantages along your way.

The DJ System – considering the system that exists on a particular DJ app is definitely one of the most important things one has to see first before availing or purchasing a DJ app for his iPad. The system should be able to integrate with your iPod’s music library so that you will have a seamless way of providing a great deal of music and other sounds necessary for your job.

Allows Live Performance – if a DJ app does not allow you to perform live then this isn’t considered as one of the best DJ apps. There are so many apps for DJs today and they all come with their own sets of features and characteristics making them considered as one of the best. However, when an app does not allow you to perform the live way then that is enough reason for you to drop it once and for all. Take note that your job as a disc jockey often entails live performances and an app that allows you to do so is truly a must-have for you.

Record Mixes – when you’re on the go with your job then it is important to have a DJ app that allows you to record different types of mixes on the go. A good DJ is capable of showing different types of sounds and mixed music to the listening public and when you so it that way, you’ll have more fans and followers that will come along your way. There are certain apps out there that come with features and functions that mix your favorite playlist. Additionally, the app should be able to provide you with pre-cueing capabilities through optional headphone adapters. If your app is something like this then you are truly having one of the best DJ apps every disc jockey should have these days.

Turntables – the number of turntables offered by an app is also another important consideration when looking for the best app for DJs. There are apps that provide four turntables and these guarantees you that you will have the option to make use of different turntables for a specific function such as mixing, recording, and audio playback. The best DJ apps should also be able to provide you with track previews with the use of headphones through special types of adapters.

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