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Epic Drum Set
Feel the beat of drums with this beautiful ap...
iPhone and iPad music app
Drums - 80s Kits
Play three classic Eighties drum kits on your...
iPhone and iPad music app
Drums °
Play the drums on your iPhone, iPad or iPod T...
iPhone and iPad music app
Bongos - Dynamic Bongo Drums
The ultimate Bongos for your iPhone and iPad ...
iPhone and iPad music app
EasyBeats 2 Pro Drum Machine - Beat or Program Drums!
---NOTE: EasyBeats 3 Replaces this version, P...
iPhone and iPad music app
Virtual Drums
VirtualDrums app lets you play all the instru...
iPhone music app
Amazing Drums Lite
Amazing Drums! The best in town. - Qual...
iPhone and iPad music app
finger drums!
Play the drums with your FINGERS! It's LOUD!...
iPhone and iPad music app
XME's BeatPad is On Sale! All other XME apps ...
iPhone and iPad music app
Indicates an app designed for both iphone and ipad

Music & apps - Drum Apps

You can be John Bonham by Using These Best Drum Apps
One or more of the best drum apps on this list is a must-have. Those who are already tired and bored with guitar apps, piano apps and other music applications may want to try these drum apps. Are you banging your head while striking the drums with your drumstick? Well you may do it on your iPhone (without the drumstick, of course). Have that drummer feeling!
Drummer Lite includes three different types of drum sounds with all that cool visual effects. The quality of sound it produces when played is excellent and gives it a "real-life” effect. The position of drums on the screen is laid out where it is easy to tap. Guess what? It is free!
Drum Kit Lite may be considered as one of the best drum apps out there. This is good for beginners and for professional drummers as well. It is a six-piece kit of snare, bass, hi-hat, crash, ride and splash. The user may play these drums simultaneously.
Is your drummer busy because of a family trip and cannot attend the band practice? Well you can do this with the Drum set app. During his free time, you might want to let him play the drums with this app and record him. Then you can play it back during the band practice. How does that sound? You can also customize the app as long as it suits your style. It is compatible for your iPhone, IPod Touch and iPad.
Drums iPad app is one of the most interesting apps because of its high quality sounds, amazing graphics and excellent animations. This application is simple to use and contains the complexity yet is easy to handle. Drums app can let you play for hours without you knowing it!
Do you want to learn music from all around the globe? Try downloading Udu Drum app. Udu is an instrument which originated from Nigeria. It is typically made out of clay. But you can experience playing udu right on your iPad! It produces a wide variety of tunes usually from the deep bass to high pitches.
Another application is the African Drum Master. Do you want to heat up that party? Plug in the amplifier to your iPad and liven up the atmosphere! You can choose among 10 kinds of drums with 37 unique sounds.
How about this Indian Drum application and get to know what it feels like living in Asia. There are four drums in the app. Each produces their own quality sounds. Try to play it out with your friends and enjoy the relaxing Asian traditional music.
Try out the Swiss Drum app which is decorated the Swiss style. You can have fun with this app and practice on how their national anthem is played right on the comfort of your home!
Discover different cultures from all over the world through music. Start from Asia to Europe to Africa and to different countries around the globe! Learn music from various genres. From hip hop to jazz to rock and to all others types. Download one or more of the drum apps now and have that drummer feeling.
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